Thank you for downloading ModemLockDown!

ModemLockDown should download automatically. If it doesn’t, please click here.

1. Run the installer

2. Click Yes

3. Click Next and Next

4. Enter new Passwords

Please note: Because of the secure nature of ModemLockDown, some anti-virus programs may detect the program as a threat. Please rest assured, this is not the case and set your anti-virus program to ignore ModemLockDown.

Download and try ModemLockDown free for 30 days.
If you’re happy with ModemLockDown, and we’re sure you will be, simply purchase within the program or here.

IMPORTANT: If your install is an UPGRADE from a previous version, you will need to UNINSTALL the existing version from the ModemLockDown Administration screen first. Then restart and install the new version.

As at November 2013, the current version of ModemLockDown is: 4.5