Welcome to Help for ModemLockDown.

ModemLockDown has been designed to allow the supervisor of a computer to decide when a user can and cannot access the Internet.

There are two modes of locking operation:

Automatic Lock on Windows Start-up

User/Account defined internet access times

In either mode, 3 clicks and a password is all it takes to re-enable the modem and allow internet access.

ModemLockDown is non-intrusive to other applications that do not have a need to connect to the internet.

By now, ModemLockDown should have been installed - maybe not quite setup, but at least on your hard drive! Completion of Installation should be quite straight forward, but if there are any difficulties, this help system includes detailed instructions for the remainder of the install process. Help material is also included explaining the use and difference of the two passwords and the different modes of operation. There is also the Quick Start process to get you up and running in the minimal amount of time.

From time to time, updates will be available for ModemLockDown, and there is advice on this process as well.

Enjoy using ModemLockDown, with the comfort in knowing that you have the final say as to when the Internet can be beamed into your house.

Should there be any further questions you have about ModemLockDown or would like additional requirements to the software - please email support@modemlockdown.com