Scheduled User Access

ModemLockDown has support for pre-allocated 1 hour blocks of internet access configurable per user and for any day of the week.

Setting of access times requires the entry of the Administration password. They can be set up at any time, though are only in effect when the "Use User Schedules" option has been selected on the "Advanced & Start-up Options" tab of the Administration screen:

Use of this screen is simple. Simply select the user from the list, highlight the hours/days in the grid (using the mouse, press and hold left button on a cell to mark start then drag mouse to end cell forming a square and release button - note currently highlighted selection updates to show day and hour range) and select either the Access or the No Access button depending on the requirement. Note: you can also highlight an entire day by clicking on the days letter - likewise the hour for the entire week can be selected by clicking in the square at the top of the grid.

Pressing OK will commit changes to all users and cancel will discard.