Updating ModemLockDown

As new features and improvements are added to ModemLockDown, these will be available from http://www.modemlockdown.com.

Due to ModemLockDown being a constantly running security application, a partial uninstall must be undertaken before any upgrade can be performed. Using the partial uninstall option, settings relevant to the new version i.e. passwords, user/account access times, will be retained. Note however, that for some upgrades, it may not be possible to retain all your settings.

Upgrade steps

1. Download the new version of ModemLockDown.
2. On the Administration screen, enter the admin password then and select the "Shutdown ModemLockDown for Software Upgrade" option from the "Advanced & Start-up Options" tab
3. Select OK to the following two messages.
4. Restart windows.
5. Install the new version of ModemLockDown & configure any relevant options.

To ensure you have the latest copy of ModemLockDown, visit http://www.modemlockdown.com regularly.