Unlocking & Locking ModemLockDown

The following shows the two states of ModemLockDown within your Windows taskbar - Locked & Unlocked:


To unlock the modems and allow an internet use:

1. Click the ModemLockDown taskbar icon and then choose the Unlock Modems option.

The Unlock screen appears.

2. Enter the correct Unlock Password. The Unlock Modems buttons will remain inactive until the correct Unlock Password is entered.

Once enabled choose either the "Unlock Modems - No time restriction" or the "Unlock Modems - With time restriction" button. If the time restriction option is chosen, you must then select an unlock period. See below.

The taskbar icon changes to green, the modems are unlocked and an internet use can resume.


Internet Access with Time Restriction

You may provided limited and automated internet access without using the Scheduled User Access option.

To grant access for a certain time, select either the 'Unlock Modems - With time restriction' option when unlocking the modems (described above) or select the 'Change Unlock Period' during an existing access period.

You will be presented with the following screen where you can choose the access time period required. The user will recieve notification close to and at the time the internet will be disabled.



To lock the modems immediately and cease internet access:

Click the ModemLockDown taskbar icon followed by the Lock Modems option.

That's it! The modems are now locked, any existing connection has been dropped & no new connections can be made until an unlock is in effect.

NOTE: If the "Use User Schedules" locking option has been chosen, it is not possible to lock the modems while a scheduled Unlock is in effect. See Locking Options for more information about this.