Uninstalling ModemLockDown

Should you ever wish to uninstall ModemLockDown, this is achieved by using the "Uninstall ModemLockDown" button on the "Advanced & Start-up Options" tab of the Administration screen.

Enter the administration password at the top of the screen then press the "Uninstall ModemLockDown" button. Note that the Administration password is unnecessary if you have not yet registered ModemLockDown and your trial period has expired. Two confirmation messages will then appear. If you are absolutely positive you want to remove ModemLockDown, choose the OK option on both of these messages. Note: Uninstalling ModemLockDown will remove all modem locking abilities and will allow unsupervised access to the internet.

If the OK option has been selected on the previous confirmation messages, ModemLockDown will now be uninstalled and a message will be displayed confirming this. At this stage the modems and internet connections are available for normal use. Note: there are a couple of further clean up tasks that will be completed on the next system restart, however these will not impact any user.