Modem Status

Available from the Modem Status option on the ModemLockDown taskbar menu, the Modem Status screen displays the current status of the available modems.

The state of any modem listed in this window will either be locked or NOT locked.

The first section is for dial-up modems & the modem name is the COM port that ties the modem to the windows system.

The second section is for where Lock non-dialup modems option has been selected. Note: in the first few moments of Windows start-up, the Cable & DSL setup may not have finished. In this case an entry advising this will appear - Cable\DSL initialising, locking very shortly - and normal functionality will resume momentarily.

If ModemLockDown's current state is unlocked - all entries in the list will have NOT locked beside them and if ModemLockDown is locked - all entries will appear in the list as locked. The exception to this is if the Lock Non-Dial-Up Modem option has been unselected.

This screen will also report on whether or not you have chosen a Time restricted unlock or not.