Registering ModemLockDown

ModemLockDown is a commercial trialware product. To continue using ModemLockDown past its 30 day trial period, it must be purchased and the registration details entered into the application. As a registered user, you are also entitled to free upgrades for 1 year from your original purchase date.

Your purchase can be made either directly within ModemLockDown or more manually through the website

NOTE: To purchase and change options within the Administration screen, you must be logged in as a Windows user with Administrative privileges. You must also enter in ModemLockDown's administration password.

Easy Purchase / Auto Registration

If you choose the easier approach to registration, following your purchase, all registration details will automatically be entered into ModemLockDown and the trial period restrictions removed. To purchase with this method press the Buy Now button within the registration tab of ModemLockDown's administration screen.

Prior to advancing with the purchase process, you will be prompted to confirm if you are purchasing this program for use within New Zealand. NZ purchases require an additional 12.5% on the purchase for GST tax collection. Simply press No if you do not live in NZ. Note that the checkout will verify your location and not allow the sale to proceed if your location is incorrect.


Manual Registration

If you choose to manually register following a purchase initiated from the website you will need to enter in the registration details received on your order confirmation email. Note that the entry to the store from the website also has two entries - one for New Zealand residents and one for non-residents. Please choose the appropriate entry. Failing to do so will result in a declined sale.

Following your purchase you will receive your order confirmation email. From this, your Serial Number Name and Serial Number (MODEMLD.....) must be entered exactly as they appear into the appropriate areas on the "Registration" tab of the Administration Screen (be sure to enter your administration password first). It is recommended that you copy and paste the information to ensure accuracy. Follow the entry by pressing the OK button. The registration screen is shown below:

With either purchase approach, following the entry of valid registration details, a thank you message will appear confirming registration and ModemLockDown will continue with no limits on its functionality. The Registration tab will also be removed from the Administration screen. Should the information entered not be correct, an error message advising as such will appear. If you have made a purchase, received your registration details, entered them correctly and the error message still appears or you are having trouble with this process, please contract with your registration details and an explanation of the problem.