Software Download agreement and disclaimer

TechcoNZ Ltd. assumes no responsibility and/or liability for data loss or any other failure or problem as a result of the use of this program and/or files accompanying it. Although considerable time and effort has been spent ensuring that ModemLockDown and its related components are reliable and safe, this software is to be used at your own risk.

ModemLockDown does not contain any spyware or any other software component that will send information back to us or any other party

You may not re-sell this product in any way, shape or form. It also may not be used for commercial purposes without written and signed consent from TechcoNZ Ltd, prior to its use. You may not reverse engineer, de-compile, modify or change ModemLockDown in any way. The source code and the resulting application is owned solely by TechcoNZ Ltd.

You are responsible for your own backup of your system. You should also check your system for viruses before attempting to install this product on your hard drive.

ModemLockDown is Trialware and can be used for up to 30 days free of charge. Past this point ModemLockDown will remain installed though will not provide any modem locking functionality. To restore/continue this functionality, ModemLockDown must be purchased and the registration details entered into the application. Registering gives you a license for use on only one workstation at a time. A purchase of this product is done through the website below or through the registration screen. As the trial period is effectively a try before you buy time, TechcoNZ Ltd. does not have a refund policy on this product.

Personal information gathered during registration is Not onsold nor given to other parties. Your information is gathered on our behalf by our payment processing partners eSellerate. We only ever receive your Name and Contact details. eSellerate does not pass on to us nor anyone else your credit card information. You may visit their site here for more information - in particular their Security & Privacy page. Your contact details are stored securely by both TechcoNZ Ltd. and eSellerate.

Use of this software indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions. Check the ModemLockDown web site at frequently for up to date information regarding this product and for purchase information.