Installing ModemLockDown

NOTE: The installation and setup of ModemLockDown can only be performed by a Windows user account with Administrative privileges.

During the installation process, some anti-virus/firewall applications may detect ModemLockDown being installed and attempt to intercept it. This is a normal situation and it is required that this interception be ignored and the detecting program be put into 'installation mode' or similar where applicable.

Before the modem can be locked and internet access restricted, installation of ModemLockDown must be completed. This requires the entry of two passwords. These are the Administration Password and an Unlock Password.

To do this, click on the ModemLockDown Icon in the Notification area of the Taskbar. This will appear as an external Modem either with or without a padlock over it. Initially there is no padlock and ModemLockDown is unlocked

Once clicked, the following menu will appear

At this stage, choose the Administration option.

The Administration window will appear:


There is more information on the options available and the definitions of the passwords in this screen on the Administration & Passwords help page.

For now all that is required is to set an Administration password and an Unlock password.

Briefly, the Administration password is only used to change options, passwords and perform any uninstall requirement. This password should be used infrequently.
The Unlock password is the one used whenever the modem requires unlocking - more on this in Unlocking the modems.
It is recommended that these passwords be different and neither disclosed to supervised users.

When entering the passwords, any characters can be entered up to a maximum of 16. The second password entry box (Confirm for both) is a confirmation box to ensure the password has been entered correctly - the confirmations must be the same as the upper password.

When all passwords have been entered correctly, the OK button can be pressed successfully.

Unless you activated it yourself, you will be asked if you wish to use the OpenDNS FamilyShield service when you select OK. This is optional and you can find out more about it in our DNS section.

At this stage installation is complete though the modems remain unlocked - However, ModemLockDown is now ready for general use.

To Lock the modems, click on the taskbar icon, select Lock Modems. NOTE: The default start-up option is "Autolock on Windows Start-up" - this means, unless this is changed, the modems will lock automatically on the next restart.

To unlock the modems, click on the taskbar icon, select Unlock Modems and enter the Unlock Password (as entered in the Administration screen above).

For further information on using ModemLockDown and other features be sure to read the other pages in this help document.

While modems are locked, any attempt to dial out to the internet will result in a result similar to either of the following: