FAQs & Tips

I'm using Windows XP - should I allow other users to use the Administrator account?

Regardless of using ModemLockDown, the recommended setup for a computer that is used by multiple people, is to allocated the users individual accounts. No one besides the computer administrator should have know the administrator password and/or have administrator privileges. This will ensure the safety of private documents and settings. An alternative to having multiple accounts is to use a Guest account for non administrative users. For more information, consult you operating system help documentation.

How do I setup one user with scheduled hours and others on Autolock

The easiest way is to use the "Use User Schedules" mode, select the hours for the first user, and then ensure all hours for other users have "no access". To unlock the modem for these accounts, simply select the "Unlock Modems" option from the taskbar then enter the password.

I'm have a Cable\DSL modem - with the Modems locked there is still some small quantities of traffic activity?

Unlike a dial-up modem where the physical connection is terminated when the modems are locked, with Cable\DSL the Internet is disabled by denying all activity associated with the internet subnet mask . In this way, the network card on your machine can still perform other activities with other machines on your private network where applicable. This activity can also be destined to the internet, hence the small quantities of traffic - though for all intensive purposes, internet activity has been disabled.

Why does my ModemLockDown text not look like the screenshots.

From version 4.16, ModemLockDown now uses the new Microsoft Segoe UI font as the default. This font has only been packaged with Microsoft Windows from Vista forward.

The following tips are also recommended for a secure PC.

In most cases, documentation provided with your computer and operating system should provide instructions for making any changes.
Password protect the computers internal settings (BIOS). This is the computers start-up configuration - independent of the operating system.
ModemLockDown is not a Firewall replacement. Especially for Cable\DSL internet installations, it is recommended that a Firewall be installed, configured correctly and running at all times.
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