Advanced and Start-up Options

ModemLockDown Start-up options

You can choose from one of the following Start-up options

1. Modems are always Locked on windows start up. (Automatically Lock)
This option is active when the tick appears next to "Autolock on Windows Start-up". This is the default and the simpler to use of the two.
To gain access to the internet, select the Unlock Modems option in the task bar menu and enter the current Unlock Password. To Lock again, either restart windows or select the Lock Modems option in the task bar menu.

2. User/Day/Time pre allocated user access. (Use User Schedules)
This option allows the administrator to predefine when a particular user can access the internet by allocating 1 hour blocks of connection time. These 1 hour windows are also defined by what day of the week it is. When Windows is started and a user logs in, ModemLockDown looks up the schedule for that user and will either lock or unlock the modems required.
For installations where individual users are not allocated, scheduled access is available on a single/global user basis.

See Scheduled User Access for more information
Note: While in this mode, the system clock can only be changed when the administration screen is open and the correct administration password has been entered.

3. Remain Unlocked on Windows Start-up. (Keep Unlocked)
With this option checked, ModemLockDown will still run, but its modem locking functionality will be disabled and free use of the modems and internet connection will be possible. This option should be used with caution.

Other options

Autolock Dial-up Modems when I disconnect.
To avoid forgetting to lock the modems, ModemLockDown can automatically lock itself when you close your dial-up internet connection. This option is not applicable for Cable/DSL connections and is defaulted to Off for new installations.

Lock Non-Dial-Up Modems.
Some users of ModemLockDown may wish to only lock Dial-up modems and not any other network services. This option allows you to keep Dial-up modems locked but access these other services. This option is defaulted to On following installation.

Stealth Mode.
You can choose to run ModemLockDown hidden from your end user. No Icons, Screens or Messages will be visible. For example, ModemLockDown may be running in the background to your predefined access schedule, oblivious to the user. To use this option, simply check Stealth Mode. You are presented with a screen to capture your 'Access Key Combination' for gaining access to ModemLockDown.

Here you will enter a key along with a combination of Shift/Ctrl, Shift/Alt, Ctrl/Alt or Shift/Ctrl/Alt. Once entered and the Administration screen OK'ed, ModemLockDown's task tray icon will disappear.

To return the Icon to view, simply enter your Access Key Combination at any time, in any application. The Icon will reappear and you can continue to use ModemLockDown as normal. Note that the icon will disappear from view 10 seconds later.

To return the icon full time, uncheck the Stealth Mode option.

Should you forget your password, please contact ModemLockDown support.

The default for this option is Off.

ModemLockDown Shutdown for Upgrade/Uninstall options

Shutdown ModemLockDown for Software Upgrade
To allow for an upgrade of ModemLockDown without loosing any of the relevant settings i.e. passwords/access times, use this option. For more information see the page Updating ModemLockDown.

Uninstalling ModemLockDown
To completely uninstall ModemLockDown, enter the administration password and then select the Uninstall ModemLockDown button. For more information see the page Uninstalling ModemLockDown.